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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent from a website to your computer or mobile phone’s Internet browser. It is stored on your device’s hard drive and is used by websites to track online traffic flows. Unless you have programmed your computer to reject cookies, websites have been using cookies to enhance your online experience for years.

How we use cookies

AC HOLDOM uses cookies to gain a better understanding of our customers and their needs so we can improve their online experience with us. This applies to all visitors to our website, regardless of where in the world they live. In order to comply with EU regulations, users now have the option of accepting our cookies. Although you will still be able to access most of our content without cookies, your visit to our site would benefit from the additional functionality that cookies will provide.

Whenever a person visits this site, we collect basic information about their behaviour on our site. This includes things like what pages have been visited and how they found our website. The information we gather for these purposes does not identify anyone and we make no attempt to find out who has been to our site.

What we do gain from this information is a better understanding of what people are interested in on our website and how we can improve their experience on it.

To access this information, we use the following cookies:

  • Google Analytics: This cookie allows us to gain a better understanding of how visitors use our site, what content they are interested in, and how they found us. The information we get from Google Analytics is anonymous and for the most part comes in the form of statistics.
  • Share This plug-ins: social media plug-ins allows visitors to share our website’s content with their social networks. Once again this information is anonymous. The only information gathered from this cookie is a tally of how many people have shared a specific blog post and what social network was used.

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To manage your Google Analytics cookies, you can visit the Google Analytics help page. However, please keep in mind that information we obtain from Google Analytics goes towards improving the user experience on our site.

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